Scala is cool ( and other notes from the meeting)

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Scala is cool ( and other notes from the meeting)

1) DDC is the communications channel that communicates monitor
information over VGA connecions (and a version of it is used for DVI
and HDMI)

2) For some reason, the NVS4200 in my T420 laptop isn't able to
process that information. The supposed reason is the hardware muxer
between the two video cards doesn't bother with pin 15/DDC. Yet
another reason to hope for software muxing suppor/DMA buffers in the

3) My attempt at showing how scala is cool, without typos:

   (3 + 3) ensuring (_ > 5)

is an expression returning 6. If it wasn't greater than 5, that
would've thrown an exception. It's a pretty nice way of writing

4) ETL shiznits:,_transform,_load#Real-life_ETL_cycle

There are few and far between results on google. I'm hoping to get
enough citations to improve the wikipedia ETL article.
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